GP Six-Area Default Stories


DS-1 PP-25: God's Masterpiece Song BV-7: Story of God's Masterpiece MG1-09: Days of Creation GT-21: A Good Steward MG2-036: Save God's Creation DI-1: Sacred Object: Bible MA/5
DS-2 PP-19: Prayer Divine Presence KV-7: Learning God's Masterpiece MG3-070: Towards the Garden of Eden ST-3: St. Clare of Assisi DI-2: Sacred Object: Church MG4-081: Finding Holy Fit  
DS-3 PP-21: Following God's Plan BV-2: Story of Adam and Eve MG1-01: Adam Names 'Em GT-36: What is God's Providence MG2-041: Fruit-Bearing Tree of Eden DI-4: Sacred Object: Altar CL/5
DS-4 PP-26: God's Park Theme Song KV-2: Learning Adam and Eve MG3-053: Eden's Safe &Danger Zones ST-5: Edith Stein DI:-3 Sacred Object: Kneeler/Pew MG4-073: Blessed Selfie  
DS-5 PP-27: Jesus' Birthday Song BV-24: Story of the Three Magi MG1-023: Three Kings' Oasis GT-68: Who is King Herod MG2-045: The Magi's Frame DI-6: Sacred Object: Holy Water MA/5
DS-6 PP-11: Christmas Prayer 1 KV-24: Learning Three Magi MG3-069: The Star of Bethlehem ST-10: The Holy Innocents DI-5: Sacred Object: Confessional MG4-080: Falling Star  
DS-7 PP-31: Holy Family Song BV-10: Story of Jesus' Loving Family MG1-020: Robbie's Friends GT-71: Who is the Holy Family MG2-031: Know Jesus' Parents DI-8: Sacred Object: Baptismal Font CL/5
DS-8 PP-20: Family Consecration KV-10: Learning Jesus' Family MG3-054: Finding Jesus ST-8: St. Monica DI-7: Sacred Object: Candle MG4-090: Saint’s Photo Mix  
DS-9 PP-30: The Disciples' Song BV-8: Story of Jesus' Band of Friends MG1-021: Simon Says GT-67: Who is Jesus Christ MG2-038: Snapshotting Your Disciples DI-18: Sacred Symbol: Tabernacle MA/5
DS-10 PP-15: Hail Mary & Glory Be KV-8: Learning Jesus’ Friends MG3-049: Barrel on the Boat ST-9: St. Peter DI-17: Sacred Symbol: Presider's Chair MG4-088: Saint’s Marathon  
DS-11 PP-17: Memorare Prayer BV-9: Story of Jesus' Baptism MG1-03: Along Banks of Jordan River GT-23: What is a Sacrament MG2030: Fun in Sacred Waters DI-20: Sacred Symbols: Cross CL/5
DS-12 PP-29: Creation Song KV-9: Learning Jesus' Baptism MG3-064: Road to Baptism ST-11: St. John the Baptist DI-19: Sacred Symbol: Liturgical Colors MG4-077: Connect St. John  
DS-13 PP-22: Forgiveness Prayer BV-20: Story of the Prodigal Son MG1-013: Feed the Hogs GT-51: What is Sin MG2-037: Defeat Evil Forces! DI-24: Sacred Symbol: Crucifix MA/5
DS-14 PP-28: Bible Song KV-20: Learning the Prodigal Son MG3-051: Coming Back Home ST-13: San Juan Diego DI-21: Sacred Symbol: Stained-Glass W MG4-076: Catching Angels  
DS-15 PP-32: Two Commands Song BV-23: Story of 10 Commandments MG1-24: To the Promised Land GT-2: Who is Moses & Big Ten MG2-033: Moses Climbs Sinai DI: Sacred Symbol: Jesus’ Sacred Heart CL/5
DS-16 PP-18: Prayer of Divine Mercy KV-23: Learning 10 Commandments MG3-035: Inspired by 10 Commands ST-14: St. Thomas More DI-21: Sacred Symbol: Saint's Icon MG4-074: Building Blessed Blocks  
DS-17 PP-33: Lenten Song BV-1: Story of the Meal of Sharing MG1-06: Christian Meals GT-15: What are Parts of the Mass MG2-044: The Last Supper Preps DI-37: Sacred Ministry: Choir MA/5
DS-18 PP-16: The Lord's Prayer KV-1: Learning the Meal of Sharing MG3-061: Loaf Sharing ST-19: St. John Mary Vianney DI-35: Sacred Ministry Eucharistic Minister MG4-096: Virtues and Vices  
DS-19 PP-7: Act of Humility BV-17: Story of the Holy Mass MG1-022: The Passover Meal GT-18: 'Do This in Memory of Me?' MG2-029: Jesus' Meal with Disciples DI-36: Sacred Ministry: Priest CL/5
DS-20 PP-34: Easter Song KV-17: Learning the Holy Mass MG3-056: Get to Know the Mass ST-20: St. Charles Borromeo DI:33: Sacred Ministry: Catechist MG4-079: Devoted Sling  
DS-21 PP-35: Pentecost Song BV-18: Story of the Joyful Spirit MG1-011: Disciple's Fast Walk GT-72: Who is the Holy Spirit MG2-042: The Holy Spirit in Us DI-39: Sacred Ministry: Lector MA/5
DS-22 PP-4: Come, Creator Spirit KV-18: Learning the Joyful Spirit MG3-065: Run the Word Around ST-21: St. Teresa of Avila DI:-38: Sacred Ministry: Deacon MG4-083: Heavenly Passage  
DS-23 PP: Come, Holy Spirit BV-14: Story of the Home Church MG1-02: All in the Family House GT-26: What is Church? MG2-042: The Holy Spirit on Earth DI-34: Sacred Ministry: Altar Server CL/5
DS-24 PP: Pentecost Song KV-14: Learning the Home Church MG3-063: Powered-Up Spirit ST-23: St. Thomas Aquinas DI-40: Sacred Ministry: Bishop MG4-095: The Sacred Flight  


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