GP Three-Area Default Stories


Title Sequence 1 Sequence 2 Sequence 3
3-Area Default Story 1 PP-1: Sign of the Cross BV-6: Story of God’s Love Letters MG1-05: Bible Landing
3-Area Default Story 2 GT-6: Bible as Love Letter MG2-26: Bible Treasures DI-9: Disc Sacred Action: Bowing
3-Area Default Story 3 PP-28: Bible Song KV-6: Learning God’s Love Letters MG3-067: The Bible Never Fades
3-Area Default Story 4 ST-1: St. Jerome MG4-091: Sketching the Holy CL: 5 Church Life Tasks
3-Area Default Story 5 PP-29: Creation Song BV-5: Story of God’s Creation MG1-07: Creation Shots
3-Area Default Story 6 GT-66: Who is God the Father MG2-027: God’s Creations DI-10: Disc Sacred Action: Singing
3-Area Default Story 7 PP-23: St. Francis Prayer KV-5: Learning God’s Creation MG3-052: Complete the Earth
3-Area Default Story 8 SD-2: St. Francis of Assisi MG4-084: Holy Ones in Foxholes CL: 5 Mission Adventures Tasks
3-Area Default Story 9 PP-15: Hail Mary & Glory Be BV-11: Story of Jesus’ Special Day MG1-010: Decorate the Tree
3-Area Default Story 10 GT-24: What is Advent MG2-025: Angelic Notes DI-11: Sacred Action: Standing/Sitting
3-Area Default Story 11 PP-27: Jesus’ Birthday Song KV-11: Learning Jesus’ Special Day MG3-060: Jumping for Jesus
3-Area Default Story 12 ST-7: St. Nicholas MG4-092: St. Nick’s Heavenly Order CL: 5 Church Life Tasks
3-Area Default Story 13 PP-32: Two Commands Song BV-15: Story of Good Neighbor MG1-08: Dash for a Cause
3-Area Default Story 14 GT-16: 2 Greatest Commandments MG2-028: Incoming Hearts DI-12: Disc Sacred Action: Praising
3-Area Default Story 15 PP-16: The Lord’s Prayer KV-15: Learning Good Neighbor MG3-068: The Neighbor’s Love Storage
3-Area Default Story 16 ST-12: St. Therese of Lisieux MG4-078: Divine Ascent CL: 5 Mission Adventures Tasks
3-Area Default Story 17 PP-5: Prayer Before & After Meals BV-19: Story of Multiplication of Bread MG1-014: Follow Jesus
3-Area Default Story 18 GT-59: What is Sacrament of Eucharist MG2-046: Matching Loaves DI-13: Discover Sacred Action: Praying
3-Area Default Story 19 PP-30: The Disciples’ Song KV-19: Learning Multiplication of Bread MG3-50: Catching Bread and Fish
3-Area Default Story 20 ST-18: Padre Pio MG4-086: Miraculous Photo Op CL: 5 Church Life Tasks
3-Area Default Story 21 PP-25: God’s Masterpiece Song BV-21: Story of the Risen Jesus MG1-016: Growing Butterflies
3-Area Default Story 22 GT-46: What is Resurrection MG2-047: To Jesus’ Tomb! DI-14: Sacred Action: Proclaiming/Reciting
3-Area Default Story 23 PP-14: Guardian Angel KV-21: Learning about Risen Jesus MG3-055: Fling the Easter Egg
3-Area Default Story 24 ST-17: St. John the Apostle MG4-087: Sacred Profile CL: 5 Mission Adventures Tasks
* Recommended to be supplemented by 3-Area Discoveries Lessons


PP: Prayer & Praise KV: Kateketika Videos BV: Bible Hub Video ST: Saints Lessons GT: Godly Teaching Lessons DI: Discoveries Lessons MG: Mini -Games 1 to 4 CL: Church Life Action Tasks