Handcrafted for Kids

God’s Park is hands-on faith immersion for kids, who can learn through a  multi-touch system
– touching the gadget, touching the heart of Christian faith and being in-touch with the real world of family, community and church life.

Online / Offline Learning

God’s Park covers both online and offline learning spaces, helping kids become virtuous citizens who evangelize and bring fellow kids into the community of faith.

Supplemental Lessons to Kid’s Program

  • Story-Rich:
    The exciting animation videos and lessons center on the Gospel stories and Bible times.
  • Age-Appropriate:
    Different levels of progression are attuned to each age group.
  • Game-Immersive:
    the game mechanics increase motivation and trigger high-energy participation.
  • Curriculum-Partnered:
    The supplemental menu of lessons adapts easily to existing curricula, mirroring the outlines of the Catechism of Catholic Church (CCC), making GP convertible into a fully flexible curriculumprogram.
  • Innovations in Learning Style:
    Giving premium to contemporary “tacit learning” and shifting from a teaching-based to a learning-based approach through kids’ engagement with the religious world.
  • Praxis-Oriented:
    Practical, offline action plans are cool and fun ways to translate learnings to concrete action and concrete Christian living.

God’s Park Adventure

What’s New?

  • Digitally Fluent:
    The Gamified learning actually speaks the kids’ language.
  • Mobile Access:
    The app helps familiarize kids with Bible stories; learn their catechesis; meet the saints; know and memorize their prayers; put faith lessons in lived practice – all in a fun and interactive way.
  • Keep in Touch:
    Kids’ posts and parents’ blogs connect insights and reflections with experiences.
  • Fun and Safe:
    The game environment is fun and suffused with exciting Christian artifacts.
  • Mission Adventures:
    The online lessons lead to offline action plans and lived Christian practices.

A Fun Partner to Home and Parish Faith Formation

  • Driving with the Kids for a weekend trip? 
    God’s Park is handy and available in gadgets and small devices.
  • On the fence about Christian contents?
    God’s Park is catechetically grounded in the best traditions of the Catholic catechism.
  • Getting faith resistance at the homefront?
    Not anymore… God’s Park is fun, super-welcoming and excitingly educational.
  • Want to monitor kid’s faith progress?
    God’s Park provides measurable metrics and assessments in different facets of learning at different stages of development.
  • Missed the CCD classroom due to weather?
    Although not a substitute, God’s Park provides solid Christian foundations. GP is available 24/7, even during snowstorm. Caveat: you will need an internet connection in order to access GP in your small devices.
  • Feeling guilty?
    For the first time, you can be both trendy and generously open in your kid’s use of gadgets. It’s like having a playdate with God.
  • Want something cutting-edge in faith formation?
    God’s Park is the answer!