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God’s Park develops a sustainable faith supplement that is affordable to working parents and cost-effective to archdioceses and parishes.

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Leaders’ Accounts and Dashboards

Total Number of Users

Available Default Stories to select

Number of Configurable Lessons to Create

Capacity to Create 3-Area, 6-Area, 12-Area Lessons

Available in iOS, Android and PC

Catechesis in Videos, Interactive-Text

Unique Mini-games with Q&A pop-ups

Voice-Assisted Lessons

Feedback Mechanism to ascertain learning

Kid’s and Parents Dashboard

Offline Tasks and Hands-on Activities

Boot Camp Assessments

Media Exposure Time Control

Conversion from Supplemental Program Into Full Curriculum

Capacity to add graphic and audio assets

Reports, Graphs and Metrics

Leader’s Learning Management System

Gathered Forum with Survey, Quiz, Engage & Team Game

Leader’s Training and Tech Support

Leader’s Downloadable/Printable Materials

Estimate Per-User Annual  Breakdown


XXX USD per catechetical year

Up to 5

Up to 50





XXX USD per catechetical year

Up to 10

Up to 75





XXX USD per catechetical year


Up to 15

Up to 100





XXX USD  per catechetical year

Up to 20

Up to 150





XXX USD per catechetical year

Up to 25

above 151 but not more than 250




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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can purchase God’s Park?

  • God’s Park can be purchased by any adult party (18 years old and above) that wishes to provide a fun, gamefied platform for children to learn and explore more about their faith.
  • This includes, but is not limited, to churches, parishes, schools, and arch/dioceses via Corporate Subscription.
  • God’s Park can also be purchased via Individual Subscription and is most suitable for guardians, parents and grandparents who want to give a gift to their faith-curious, growing children.
  • Click on the Subscription plans here.
  • Free-Trial GP lessons are available for both Subscriptions. Click here.

Q: What if I have further questions or technical issues?

  • Whenever you encounter an issue with God’s Park, please let us know so we can help!
  • You can reach our Customer Service and Client Support Center by email at support@ or you can likewise search for your question in the Knowledge Base.

Q: Can I preview God’s Park before I purchase it?

  • Yes! You can preview God’s Park fun world by playing the free Trial version upon download.
  • When you are ready to give it a try in your ministry, you can sign up for the Subscription plan of your choosing.