List of GP Unit Lessons and Codes

Prayer & Praise (PP) (select 1 per unit-lesson) Code Bible Hub Videos (BV) (select 1 per unit-lesson) Code Kateketika Videos (KV) (select 1 per unit-lesson) Code
The Sign of the Cross PP-1 The Story of the Meal of Sharing BV-1 Learning about the Meal of Sharing KV-1
The Anima Christi Prayer PP-2 The Story of Adam & Eve BV-2 Learning about Adam & Eve KV-2
Come Creator Spirit PP-3 The Story of Building Church on Solid Grounds BV-3 Learning about Building the Church on Solid Grounds KV-3
Come, Holy Spirit PP-4 The Story of Care of God’s Creation BV-4 Learning about Care of God’s Creation KV-4
The Prayer Before/After Meals PP-5 The Story of God’s Creation BV-5 Learning about the of God’s Creation KV-5
The Act of Contrition PP-6 The Story of God’s Love Letter BV-6 Learning about God’s Love Letter KV-6
The Act of Humility PP-7 The Story of God’s Masterpiece BV-7 Learning about God’s Masterpiece KV-7
The Act of Love PP-8 The Story of Jesus’ Band of Friends BV-8 Learning about Jesus’ Band of Friends KV-8
The Angelus PP-9 The Story of Jesus’ Baptism BV-9 Learning More about Jesus’ Baptism KV-9
The Canticle of Zechariah PP-10 The Story of Jesus’ Loving Family BV-10 Learning about Jesus’ Loving Family KV-10
The Christmas Prayer 1 PP-11 The Story of Jesus’ Special Day BV-11 Learning about Jesus’ Special Day KV-11
The Christimas Prayer 2 PP-12 The Story of Lazarus BV-12 Learning about Lazarus and Healing KV-12
The Great Doxology PP-13 The Story of Noah BV-13 Learning More about Noah KV-13
The Guardian Angel Prayer PP-14 The Story of Our Home Church BV-14 Learning about Our Home Church KV-14
The Hail Mary & Glory Be PP-15 The Story of the Good Neighbor BV-15 Learning about the Good Neighbor KV-15
The Lord’s Prayer PP-16 The Story of the Healing of the Blind BV-16 Learning about the Healing of the Blind KV-16
The Memorare PP-17 The Story of the Holy Mass BV-17 Learning More about the Holy Mass KV-17
The Prayer of Divine Mercy PP-18 The Story of the Joyful Spirit BV-18 Learning More about the Joyful Spirit KV-18
The Prayer of Divine Presence PP-19 The Story of the Multiplication of the Bread BV-19 Learning about the Multiplication of Loaves KV-19
The Prayer of Family Consecration PP-20 The Story of the Prodigal Son BV-20 Learning about t the Prodigal Son KV-20
The Prayer of God’s Plan PP-21 The Story of the Risen Jesus BV-21 Learning More about the Risen Jesus KV-21
The Prayer of Forgiveness PP-22 The Story of the Spirit, the Giver of Life BV-22 Learning about the Spirit, Giver of Life KV-22
The Prayer of St. Francis PP-23 The Story of the Ten Commandments BV-23 Learning about Ten Commandments KV-23
The Prayer of Thanksgiving PP-24 The Story of the Three Magi BV-24 Learning about the Three Magi KV-24
God’s Masterpiece Song PP-25
God’s Park Theme Song PP-26
Jesus’ Birthday Song PP-27
The Bible Song PP-28
The Creation Song PP-29
The Disciples’ Song PP-30
The Holy Family Song PP-31
The Two Commandment Song PP-32
The Lenten Song PP-33
The Easter Song PP-34
The Pentecost Song PP-35
Faith Formation Song PP-36
NOTE: For all Individual and Corporate subscribers, this title line-up serves as your checklist of all available unit-lessons in GP. Plan to choose and create your lessons with this list in mind. For Individual Subscribers in need of Add-Ons: Each of these titles represent a unit-lesson. You can combine any of these titles with other titles to form a set of unit lessons in either 3- &/or 6-Area Formats. For Add-Ons in a 12-Area Package, please contact us.
Godly Teachings (GT) (select 1 per unit-lesson) Code Godly Teachings (GT) (select 1 per unit-lesson) Code Saints (ST) & Discoveries (DI) (select 1 per unit-lesson) Code Discoveries (DI) (select 1 per unit-lesson) Code
Created in God’s Image GT-1 What is God’s Rest? GT-37 St Jerome, the Bible Lover ST-1 Discovering Sacred Symbol: Pres. Chair DI-17
Moses & the 10 Commandments GT-2 What is Healing? GT-38 St. Francis of Assisi, the Nature Lover ST-2 Discovering Sacred Symbol: Tabernacle D1-18
Rainbow & Other Symbols GT-3 What is Heaven? GT-39 St. Clare, the Sister of the Poor ST-3 Discovering Sacred Symbol: Lit. Colors DI-19
Ten Commandments: Part 1 GT-4 What is Human Dignity? GT-40 Guardian Angels, the Protectors ST-4 Discovering Sacred Symbol: Cross DI-20
Ten Commandments: Part 2 GT-5 What is Jesus’ Ascension? GT-41 St. Edith Stein, the Seeker of Truth ST-5 Discovering Sacred Symbol: Stained-Glass Windows DI-21
The Bible as Love Letter GT-6 What is Lent? GT-42 St. Elizabeth, the Prophet’s Mother ST-6 Discovering Sacred Symbol: Saint Icons DI-22
The Bible as Storybook GT-7 What is Original Sin? GT-43 St. Nicholas, the Gift Giver ST-7 Discovering Sacred Symbol: Sacred Heart DI-23
The Bible as Testament GT-8 What is Pentecost? GT-44 St. Monica, the Saint’s Mother ST-8 Discovering Sacred Symbol: Crucifix DI-24
What are Fasting & Abstinence? GT-9 What is Prayer? GT-45 St. Peter, the First Pope ST-9 Discovering Sacred Password: 'The Lord be with you' DI-25
What are Liturgical Seasons? GT-10 What is Resurrection? GT-46 The Holy Innocents, Youngest Martyrs ST-10 Discovering Sacred Password: 'I confess' DI-26
What are 4 Marks of Catholic Church? GT-11 What is Revelation? GT-47 St. John the Baptist, Jesus’ Cousin ST-11 Discovering Sacred Password: 'Lord, have mercy' DI-27
What are the Fruits of the Holy Spirit? GT-12 What is the Sacrament of Baptism? GT-48 St. Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower ST-12 Discovering Sacred Password: 'Glory to God' DI-28
What are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit? GT-13 What is the Sacrament of Reconciliation? GT-49 San Juan Diego, Shrine Builder ST-13 Discovering Sacred Password: 'Lift up your heart' DI-29
What are Other Names of Jesus? GT-14 What is Service? GT-50 St. Thomas More, the Holy Chancellor ST-14 Discovering Sacred Password: 'Mystery of faith' DI-30
What are the Parts of the Mass? GT-15 What is Sin? GT-51 Our Lady of Lourdes, the Miracle Lady ST-15 Discovering Sacred Password: 'Sign of peace' DI-31
What are the 2 Greatest Commands? GT-16 What is the Blessed Sacrament? GT-52 St. Mary & St. Martha, Sisters Who Loved Jesus ST-16 Discoveirng Sacred Password: 'Under my roof' DI-32
What are Works of Mercy? GT17 What is the Christian Family? GT-53 St. John Apostle, Jesus’ Beloved Friend ST-17 Discovering Sacred MInistry: Catechist DI-33
What Does It Mean: ‘Do This in Memory of Me?’ GT-18 What is the Creed? GT-54 Padre Pio, Saint Whose Hands Bled ST-18 Discovering Sacred Ministry: Altar Server DI-34
What Does Hosanna Mean? GT-19 What is the Fall? GT-55 St. John Marie Vianney, the Holy Priest ST-19 Discovering Sacred Ministry: Eucharistic Minister DI-35
What Does It Mean to be Catholic Christian? GT-20 What is the Good News? GT-56 St. Charles Borromeo, Patron Saint of Catechists ST-20 Discovering Sacred Ministry: Priest DI-36
What is a Good Steward? GT-21 What is the Last Supper? GT-57 St. Teresa of Avila, Great Prayer Teacher ST-21 Discovering Sacred Ministry: Choir DI-37
What is a Miracle? GT-22 What is the Lord’s Prayer? GT-58 St. Joseph, the Humble Protector ST-22 Discovering Sacred Ministry: Deacon DI-38
What is a Sacrament? GT-23 What is the Sacrament of the Eucharist? GT-59 St. Thomas Aquinas, the Students’ Saint ST-23 Discovering Sacred Ministry: Lector DI-39
What is Advent? GT-24 What is Worship? GT-60 St. Thomas Apostle, the Doubting Saint ST-24 Discovering Sacred Ministry: Bishop DI-40
What is Christmas? GT-25 What’s an Advent Wreath? GT-61 DI- DISCOVERIES LESSONS BELOW  e Discoveirng Path to Reconciliation: Falling to Sin DI-41
What is Church? GT-26 Who are the 12 Apostles? GT-62 Discovering Sacred Object: Bible DI-1 Discovering Path to Reconciliation: Feeling Guilty DI-42
What is Community? GT-27 Who are Angels? GT-63 Discovering Sacred Object: Church DI-2 Discovering Path to Recon: Examination of Conscience DI-43
What is Covenant? GT-28 Who are Evangelists? GT-64 Discovering Sacred Object: Pew/Kneeler DI-3 Discovering Path to Reconciliation Preparation before Confession DI-44
What is Discipleship? GT-29 Who are the Magi? GT-65 Discovering Sacred Object: Altar DI-4 Discovering Parth to Reconciliation Actual Confession DI-45
What is Easter? GT-30 Who is God the Father? GT-66 Discovering Sacred Object: Confessional DI-5 Discovering Path to Reconciliation Act of Contrition DI-46
What is Easter Triduum? GT-31 Who is Jesus Christ? GT-67 Discovering Sacred Object: Holy Water DI-6 Discovering Path to Reconciliation: Doing Penance DI-47
What is Epiphany? GT-32 Who is King Herod? GT-68 Discovering Sacred Object: Candle DI-7 Discovering Path to Reconciliation: Forgiven and Healed DI-48
What is Faith? GT-33 Who is Lucifer and the Devils? GT-69 Discovering Sacred Object: Baptism Font DI-8
What is Forgiveness? GT-34 Who is my Neighbor? GT-70 Discovering Sacred Action: Bowing DI-9
What is God’s Creation? GT-35 Who is the Holy Family? GT-71 Discovering Sacred Action: Singing DI-10
What is God’s Providence? GT-36 Who is the Holy Spirit? GT-72 Discovering Sacred Action: Sit/Standing DI-11
Discovering Sacred Action: Praising DI-12
Discovering Sacred Action: Praying DI-13
Discovering Sacred Action: Proclaiming DI-14
Discovering Action: Recv’ing Communion DI-15
Discovering Sacred Action: Silence DI-16
NOTE: For all Individual and Corporate subscribers, this title line-up serves as your checklist of all available unit-lessons in GP. Plan to choose and create your lessons with this list in mind. For Individual Subscribers in need of Add-Ons: Each of these titles represent a unit-lesson. You can combine any of these titles with other titles to form a set of unit lessons in either 3- &/or 6-Area Formats. For Add-Ons in a 12-Area Package, please contact us.
Mini-Games 1 (MG1) (select 1 per unit-lesson) Code Mini-Games 2 (MG2) (select 1 per unit-lesson) Code Mini-Games 3 (MG3) (select 1 per unit-lesson) Code Mini-Games 4 (MG4) (select 1 per unit-lesson) Code
Adam Names ‘Em MG1-O1 Angelic Notes MG2-025 Barrel on the Boat MG3-049 Blessed Selfie MG4-073
All in the Family House MG1-02 Bible Treasures MG2-026 Catching Bread & Fish MG3-050 Building Blessed Blocks MG4-074
Along the Banks of Jordan River MG1-03 God’s Creations MG2-027 Coming Back Home! MG3-051 Catch the Saint MG4-075
Animals by Pair MG1-04 Incoming Hearts MG2-028 Complete the Earth MG3-052 Catching Angels MG4-076
Bible Landing MG1-05 Jesus’ Meal with Disciples MG2-029 Eden’s Safe & Danger Zones MG3-053 Connect St. John MG4-077
Christian Meals MG1-06 Fun in Sacred Waters MG2-030 Finding Jesus! MG3-054 Divine Ascent MG4-078
Creation Shots MG1-07 Know Jesus’ Parents! MG2-031 Fling the Easter Eggs MG3-055 Devoted Sling MG4-079
Dash for a Cause MG1-08 Let’s Build the Church! MG2-032 Get to Know the Mass MG3-056 Falling Star MG4-080
Days of Creation MG1-09 Moses Climbs Sinai MG2-033 Rise and Toss MG3-057 Finding Holy Fit MG4-081
Decorate the Tree! MG1-010 Pairing at Noah’s Ark MG2-034 God’s Marvelous Creatures MG3-058 Finding Prayer and Action MG4-082
Disciple’s Fast Walk MG1-011 Rising High MG2-035 Inspired by Ten Commandments MG3-059 Heavenly Passage MG4-083
Energizing the Spirit Windmill MG1-012 Save God’s Creation! MG2-036 Jumping for Jesus MG3-060 Holy Ones in Foxholes! MG4-084
Feed the Hogs MG1-013 Defeat Evil Forces MG2-037 Loaf Sharing MG3-061 Matching Holy Pix MG4-085
Follow Jesus! MG1-014 Snapshotting Your Disciple MG2-038 Magic and Miracles MG3-062 Miraculous Photo Op MG4-086
God’s Week of Creation MG1-015 Solid Rock Foundations! MG2-039 Powered-Up Spirit! MG3-063 Sacred Profile MG4-087
Growing Butterflies MG1-016 The Blind Sees! MG2-040 Road to Baptism MG3-064 Saint’s Marathon MG4-088
Toss to Pair MG1-O17 The Fruit-Bearing Tree of Eden MG2-O41 Run the Word Around MG3-O65 Saintly Portrait MG4-O89
House on Rock and Sand MG1-O18 The Holy Spirit in Us MG2-O42 Solid Forever MG3-O66 Saint’s Photo Mix MG4-O90
Race to See MG1-019 The Holy Spirit on Earth MG2-043 The Bible Never Fades MG3-067 Sketching the Holy MG4-091
Robbie’s Friends MG1-O20 The Last Supper Preparation MG2-O44 The Neighbor’s Love Storage MG3-O68 St. Nick’s Heavenly Order MG4-O92
Simon Says MG1-O21 The Magi’s Frame MG2-O45 The Star of Bethlehem MG3-O69 Pilgrimage to Lourdes MG4-O93
The Passover Meal MG1-022 Matching Loaves MG2-046 Towards the Garden of Eden MG3-070 The Guardian Angel’s Visit MG4-094
Three Kings’ Oasis MG1-O23 To Jesus’ Tomb! MG2-O47 Up to the Rainbow! MG3-O71 The Sacred Flight MG4-O95
To the Promised Land! MG1-024 Zoo Caretaker MG2-048 Up, Up to Heaven! MG3-072 Virtues and Vices MG4-096
Mission Adventures (MA) (select 5 tasks per unit-lesson) Code Mission Adventures (MA) (select 5 tasks per unit-lesson) Code Mission Adventures (MA) (select 5 tasks per unit-lesson) Code Mission Adventures (MA) (select 5 tasks per unit-lesson) Code
Clean closet; ask parents to donate. MA-1 Draw what you think the Holy Spirit look like. MA-30 Learn by heart the second half of the Ten Commandments. MA-58 Remind the people around you that they are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. MA-86
Add ‘Sorry’ in your prayer, asking forgiveness for sins. MA-2 Draw 3 candles on a piece of paper. Color it. MA-31 Learn by heart the lessons in ‘Discovering Sacred Passwords.’ Listen to them at Mass. MA-59 Review the life of the featured saint in GP app. Say a special prayer. MA-87
Ask Mom or Dad to read you a Bible verse. MA-3 Add the words: Faith, Hope, Love. MA-32 Learn this prayer by heart: My Lord, My God’. MA-60 Save your allowance or birthday money for a good cause. MA-88
Ask about the priest’s Sunday homily. Learn. MA-4 At Sunday Mass, pray silently for your family or a person who needs your prayer. MA-33 Leave a text message to Mom or Dad, saying that you love them. MA-61 Save a portion of your allowance for charity. MA-89
Ask to help in household chores. MA-5 During Mass, volunteer to help, like as a greeter. MA-34 List down 5 friends’ names. Pray for each. MA-62 Say a prayer for people with depression. MA-90
Ask your parents to extend help to the poor. MA-6 Find time to pray for broken families. MA-35 Listen to the priest’s homily. Remember one point in the homily. Share. MA-63 Say a prayer for pets in the animal shelter. MA-91
Attend Sunday Mass & sing joyously. MA-7 Find time to pray for the sick and suffering. MA-36 Make a Christmas card. Give away. MA-64 Say this Easter prayer: ‘Jesus, you are my Life.’ MA-92
Be a good helper this week. Find ways. MA-8 Find time to visit the Blessed Sacrament before or after the Sunday Mass. MA-37 Make a colorful poster: ‘Faith Heals!’ MA-65 Send a happy message or card to your pastor. MA-93
Be a nature explorer. Pray over flowers, gardens, animals, etc. MA-9 Finish your vegetables for this week w/o plaint. MA-38 Make a 10 Commandments poster. MA-66 Afer Easter, say thank you to the pastor for his service to the Church. MA-94
Use the magic words: Thanks, Please, Sorry. MA-10 Get excited about going to Mass, saying: ‘I have a date with Jesus.’ MA-39 Make your bed this week. MA-67 Share the GP lessons to a friend. MA-95
Be grateful today. Write 5 ‘Thank Yous’ to God. Show your parents. MA-11 Give a ‘resurrection gift’ to your parents, like being kind to them or giving them a hug. MA-40 Memorize and sing any of the GP songs. MA-68 Share your snacks with friends. Be careful about dairy products and allergies, please! MA-96
Be helpful at home. Help with the chores. MA-12 Give Dad a shoulder rub. MA-41 Memorize some Christmas carols and sing. MA-69 Slip a heart drawing in your parent’s seat, telling them how much you love them. MA-97
Help fold laundry or sort the trash. MA-13 Give Mom a food massage. MA-42 Offer a moment to pray for animals. MA-70 Spend a few minutes in silent prayer for peace in the family. MA-98
Be like Mary. Listen to your parents. MA-14 Give up something you really like. MA-43 Offer to pray for a sick member of the Church found in the parish bulletin. MA-71 Spend time before your home altar. MA-99
Write a meaningful post in the GP app. MA-15 Give up your favorite goodies for Lent. MA-44 On a poster board, draw the sun and write: ‘Jesus, you are my light.’ Be creative. MA-72 Take a break from your gadgets & toys and find quality time with parents and siblings. MA-100
Choose your 3 favorite Sacred Symbols. Talk about them. MA-16 Give your parents a special hug and say, ‘Thank you for our home.’ MA-45 Practice obedience by cheerfully doing the tasks your parents tell you. MA-73 Take a selfie with caption: ‘I am special in God’s eyes.’ MA-101
Clean your room. MA-17 Give your siblings a great big hug. Say nice words. MA-46 Practice to say the magic words, ‘I love you, Thank you, I am sorry - this week. MA-74 Take time to go to Mass during Christmas. MA-102
Complete this sentence: ‘I love God because..’ MA-18 Say in front of the mirror: ‘God loves me and I love God.’ MA-47 Offer to pray for a bully in school. MA-75 Take time to go to Mass during Easter. MA-103
Create an altar at home. Ask parent’s help. MA-19 Help your parents with household chores. MA-48 Pray for the family of your best friend. MA-76 Talk to Mom or Dad about Mama Mary. MA-104
Cut pieces of paper & write the gift of the Holy Spirit in each. Give to your friends. MA-20 In times whne you disobey or disrespect your elders, feel free to ask forgiveness. MA-49 Pray for world peace. MA-77 Show your appreciation to other’s good deeds. MA-105
Dedicate this week to develop the virtue of obedience, like obeying Mom and Dad. MA-21 Invite a friend to go to Mass. MA-50 Pray for water where there is drought. MA-78 Try to help a classmate or friend in need. MA-106
Do a good turn or a kind action this week. MA-22 Say a special prayer for your friend. MA-51 Pray this line: ‘Jesus, may I be like you.’ MA-79 Use a play dough or ceramic clay, and make a bread and cup you see during Mass. MA-107
Do a creative Advent preparation. MA-23 Invite your friends to watch the GP app. MA-52 Put away your video games or electronic toys for more face-to-face time with family. MA-80 Use this prayer verse: ‘Come, Holy Spirit, come.’ MA-108
Donate some items to the parish food pantry. MA-24 It's Easter Time! Bring out your best attitude. MA-53 Put some coins or love note into the parish collection box. MA-81 Visit the tabernacle in the church. Pray. MA-109
Draw a ‘treasure chest’. Add pictures there of persons who are important to you. MA-25 Time for DGMODAHT! ‘Don’t Give Mom Or Dad A Hard Time’ this week. Be good. MA-54 Re-tell GP’s Bible videos to your friends. MA-82 When you get upset, repeat the lines 5 times: ‘I am a child of God.’ MA-110
Draw a big boat. Re-tell Noah’s story to others. MA-26 Kneel before the altar, look up and ask for Jesus’ forgiveness. MA-55 Re-tell any Saint’s story to your friends. MA-83 Write a love note & give to an elderly after Mass. MA-111
Draw a picture of your favorite day in the Creation Story. Share. MA-27 Lead the grace before meals. Say it in your own words. MA-56 Re-tell the story of Creation to your family. MA-84 Write a thank you note to your pastor. MA-112
Draw and empty tomb to remember the Risen Jesus. Share to your pastor. MA-28 Learn by heart the first five Commands of the Ten Commandments. MA-57 Remember one or two Bible characters you learned in GP and pray for them. MA-85 Write a cheery note to the parish staff. MA-113
Draw and cut out peace signs. Hand them out to people after Sunday Mass. MA-29 Yo, take a selfie of yourself or the family in front   of the tabernacle after Holy Mass. MA-114
Church Life Action (CL) (select 5 tasks per unit-lesson) Code Church Life Action (CL) (select 5 tasks per unit-lesson) Code Church Life Action (CL) (select 5 tasks per unit-lesson) Code Church Life Action (CL) (select 5 tasks per unit-lesson) Code
Aim to get more Holy Collectibles in the GP app. Play and learn. CL-1 Every night before you sleep, say the Act of Contrition. Memorize. CL-31 Make a ‘Rainbow’ bookmark or drawing and share it with an elderly person in your parish. CL-61 Stay inspired! Do a good deed this week. CL-98
Ask anyone in the family to read you a new Bible story. CL-2 Extend an act of kindness to your siblings or other people. CL-32 Make your bed and say your morning prayer. Use your own words or the prayer you learned. CL-62 Suggest to your parish/school leader to create a box called Easter Box, Decorate it, & let kids drop their Easter love notes there. These love notes will be sent to hospitals. CL-99
Ask Mom and Dad about Pope Francis and say a special prayer to him. CL-3 Find a Bible. If you don’t have a Bible, ask in the parish center for a free Bible or you can ask your parents to buy one. CL-33 Make your own ‘North Star’ on paper or cardstock, paint it and add glitters. Give it to someone in church. CL-63 Talk about God’s Park to some of your teachers and classmates. Share your experience to them. CL-100
Ask Mom or Dad for a copy of a children’s Bible or regular Bible. CL-4 Find as many sacred objects or symbols in church, and talk to your parents or catechists about it. CL-34 Make your parents happy. Do your school work well. CL-64 Take a family photo with the pastor or the priest-celebrant after the Holy Mass. CL-101
Ask Mom or Dad to help you make a prayer card at home. CL-5 Find time to sing some of the GP songs. Share your favorite song to your family and friends. CL-35 Memorize and sing the Disciples Song in the GP app. CL-65 Take a photo of your Gathered Forum quiz results. CL-102
Ask Mom or Dad to tell you the story of saint as a bedtime story. CL-6 Gather some extra toys and gift items, and place them in the parish donation box. CL-36 Memorize by heart any prayer you’ve learned in the GP app. CL-66 Take a photo of yourself and your family in front of the baptismal font after the Mass. CL-103
Ask your parent/s to walk with you around the Stations of the Cross inside the church. Take a photo of one Station. CL-7 Gather unused clothes from your family members, and place them in the parish donation bin. CL-37 Memorize the prayer: ‘Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word, and my soul shall be healed.' CL-67 Take a photo of yourself or your family on the altar after the Mass. CL-104
Attend Sunday Mass, and be polite to people you meet in church. CL-8 Get to know better the children’s ministry in the parish - be it the altar servers, the choir, Mass greeters, gift offerers, readers or distributors of bulletins, etc. CL-38 Narrate in your own words the story of the Finding of Jesus in the Temple. CL-68 Take a selfie and say "God loves me so much." CL-105
At the dinner table, share your favorite part of the Sunday Mass. CL-9 Give up some goodies this week and offer your sacrifice for the healing of criminals. CL-39 On Sunday Mass, give the cheery note to the pastor who will give it to someone who needs it the most. CL-69 Take a selfie of your family and make a copy of it to decorate your room. CL-106
Before or after Mass, say a special prayer in front of the altar. Share your prayer to your parents or sibs. CL-10 Give up your electronic device for a few hours and play a board game with your family instead. CL-40 Participate in singing during the Sunday Mass. CL-70 Take a selfie of yourself or the family in front of the tabernacle after Holy Mass. CL-107
Before the Sunday Mass begins and after it ends, kneel down and make the Sign of the Cross. CL-11 Go outdoors and collect a leaf, a rock or a flower and thank God for creating them. CL-41 Plan to attend Sunday Mass this weekend. CL-71 Take 10 minutes to talk to God this week. CL-108
Be generous in your words. Say ‘thank you’ to God when you wake up and before you go to bed at night. CL-12 Practice reciting your prayers, like: The Hail Mary and Glory Be. CL-74 Plant a seed in a pot, and take care of it so it will grow. CL-72 Talk to God in your homemade altar for 5 minutes. CL-109
Be kind to everyone you meet during Sunday Mass and give them your biggest smile. CL-13 Practice the Sign of the Cross for the whole week. CL-75 Practice an act of kindness or generosity this week. Be kind and giving to your family. CL-73 Text or write a note to your parents telling them how much you love them. CL-113
Be sure to attend the Lenten activities at church, especially the Sacred Triduum. CL-14 Practice these three sacred actions at home: kneel before a cross, make the Sign of the Cross, and say ‘I’m sorry’ to God. CL-76 Talk to your favorite saint in your prayer. CL-110 Think about the Holy Spirit. Open your Bible to a random page, pick a verse and read it. CL-114
Choose your favorite Bible story from the GP app. Re-tell the story to your family or friends. CL-15 Help make a crèche or a Christmas manger in your home. CL-43 Tell the story of the Good Samaritan to family & friends. CL-111 Think of one good thing about yourself today. Write it in a post-it, and add it in the jar labeled ‘Good Jar’. CL-115
Control your temper and avoid being cranky this week. CL-16 Help Mom or Dad sort out materials at home for recycling. CL-44 Tell your parents and/or sibs your favorite Bible story. CL-112 Throw any garbage on church premises into the trash bin. CL-116
Create three miniature Magi to add to your altar. CL-17 Help set up the dining table. CL-45 Pray the rosary with your family. CL-77 To the best of your memory, narrate the Christmas story to your parents or sibs. CL-117
Cut out a homemade cross from any material. Give it to anyone after Sunday Mass. CL-18 In your bedtime prayer, make the Sign of the Cross, and pray: Lord, guide our feet into the way of peace. CL-46 Relax & do fun things with the family w/o your electronic gadget. CL-78 Unplug your gadget for 15 minutes & spend time in silent prayer. CL-118
Dedicate this week as your Conservation Week. Conserve water & use it wisely. For example you can turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth. Don’t let the water run. Or you can take a shorter shower. CL-19 It’s time for DGMODAHT! Don’t Give Mom or Dad A Hard Time this week. Be cheerful. CL-47 Remember the Gospel story during the Sunday Mass and retell it to your sibling or friend. CL-79 Volunteer to do one good deed or action this week. CL-119
Do a good turn or a kind action this week. CL-20 It’s time for DGMODAHT! Don’t Give Mom or Dad A Hard Time this week. Be obedient. CL-48 Retell the story of Pentecost to your family. CL-80 Water the plants in your garden or yard as well as inside the house. Be helpful. CL-120
Greet or shake hands with the person next to you and smile at the Sign of Peace during Mass. CL-42 It’s time for DGMODAHT! Don’t Give Mom or Dad A Hard Time this week. Stay cool. CL-49 Re-tell the story of the Prodigal Son to your family. CL-81 Write a love note on a paper and give it to an elderly during Sunday Mass. CL-121
Donate some canned goods/other food items to parish pantry. CL-21 Kneel down or sit still before the crèche. Devote a special time to thank God for all the blessings in your life and to pray for those that are not as lucky as you are. CL-50 Review the lessons on ‘Discovering Sacred Objects or Sacred Symbols’ in the GP app. Share to your family or catechism class. CL-82 Write a note to your catechist or priest: ‘TY for your goodness!’ CL-122
Donate some canned goods to the parish food pantry or in the school donation box. CL-22 Know the 12 apostles of Jesus. Get familiar with their names. CL-51 Say a short prayer for kids who are bullied in school. CL-83 Write a note to your teacher. Tell him/her your learning. CL-123
Draw a family portrait and write, “The Gift of Family”, on the top of the page. CL-23 Lead the grace before and after meals. Say a special prayer for the hungry and the homeless. CL-52 Say a special prayer for all grandmas and grandpas. CL-84 Write a simple note of thanks to someone—dad, teacher, sibling, friend — who has helped you in any way possible. CL-124
Draw a picture of a guardian angel and give it to someone you want to protect. CL-24 Lead the grace before meals a few days this week. CL-53 Say a special prayer for people suffering from floods and typhoons around the globe. CL-85 Write a thank you letter to Jesus for the Holy Mass. Share to your family or to anyone in church. CL-125
Draw any sacred object or symbol you find in the church, and share it with your parents or catechism class. CL-25 Lead the prayer before meals. Say the prayer in your own words. CL-54 Say a special prayer for the ‘Holy Innocents’, especially abused children and victims of war and violence. CL-86 Write a thank you note to your parish priest for the GP app. CL-126
Draw your idea of a ‘Church Built on Solid Ground’. Share it with your catechist or pastor. CL-26 Learn by heart the second five commandments in the Ten Commandments. Review all. CL-55 Say a special prayer to Mother Mary this week. She is the best example of faithfulness. CL-87 Write in your GP posting: The Holy Spirit helps me to be… (please supply the answer) CL-127
Draw your pair of footprints on two sheets of paper. Tape them on the door of your room. Write this line: I follow Jesus every day. CL-27 Learn the Guardian Angel prayer by heart. CL-56 Say a two-minute prayer to any of Jesus’ apostles today. CL-88 Write the message: God’s plan is perfect! on a piece of paper. CL-128
During Sunday Mass, participate by singing as loud as you can. CL-28 Learn the prayer in the GP app by heart. Find time to pray it with your family. CL-57 Say ‘I love you’ to your parents for their care and support. CL-89 Decorate the paper & give it to a senior citizen in the parish. CL-129
During Sunday Mass, shake hands or offer the sign of peace to the person next to you. CL-29 Make a colorful bookmark and write: ‘Jesus is Risen, Alleluia!’ Give it to someone after Mass. CL-58 Say this special prayer: ‘Lord, bless all the rivers, oceans and streams of the earth’. CL-90 Write two love notes and give them to any two parishioners after Sunday Mass. CL-130
During the Holy Mass, say a special prayer for our military men and women who serve our country. CL-30 Make a creative bookmark for your new Bible. CL-59 Say this prayer for a week: ‘Jesus, build my Church on solid rock’. CL-91 Take a selfie of yourself or the family in front of the tabernacle after Holy Mass. CL-131
Make a homemade Christmas ornament using local and recyclable materials. CL-60 Shake hands with the person next to you at Mass and smile at the Sign of Peace. CL-92
Share a bag of goodies with friends and tell each of them that God loves them. CL-93
Share Lazarus’ story to your family or to your friends. CL-94
Share the GP lesson for this week with some friends. CL-95
Share to Mom and Dad your learning in the God’s Park app. CL-96
Spare some extra toys and gift items, and place them in the parish donation box. CL-97