God's Park

‘What Hath God Wrought?’

One of the earliest electronic text messages read: ‘What God Hath Wrought’. It can be translated as ‘See what God has done!’

This text was the first, original phrase that Samuel Morse typed in his newly invented single-wire telegraph in the 1930s. This text is from the Bible in the book of Numbers: the Gentile prophet Balaam had been pressured by the Moabites to pronounce a curse on the newly freed and migrating children of Israel. But instead, being attuned to the true God, he kept blessing them. In the course of things, the word of the Lord came to the bottom line: No, there is no sorcery against Jacob, nor omen against Israel. It shall yet be said of Jacob, and of Israel, ‘Behold what God has wrought! (Numbers 23:23).’